Company Officers

CEO and Founder of EdmoseGroup.



Every company has a leader and Edwardi Mosely fits this role perfectly. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and knows how to get the best from his team. A visionary figure who feeds his innovation, trends and study human behavior. Looking to innovate for the future, to create a better world.


President and CO-Owner of the magazine of EdmoseGroup.


Carmy Sonata is the director-in-chief of the magazines, a position she has held since 2010. Her career started as photographer in the EdmoseGroup and, later, she became journalist and director. Under her leadership the magazine renewed its focus on art, culture and fashion in Second Life.


Product development team


​Our team consists of people from all over the world, it is made up of journalists, photographers, stylists and scripts, working tirelessly to develop new products and services to help make Second Life a better place to live. We are present in many virtual worlds, Second Life, YrGrid, InWorldz, YSLifeOS; High Fidelity, Project Sansar and the new challenges of virtual reality.

The Company


EdmoseGrou is a young company born from an innate passion and the desire to discover the potential in the development of virtual worlds in 3D. The strong orientation to problem-solving and optimization is the fondamental feature. This feature allows EdmoseGroup to support productively the customer, from the stage of analysis to the planning a win-win solution in terms of cost and time. EdmoseGroup can realize magazines, catalogues, brochures, advertising posters and logos for the brand.


The Mission


Develop a business idea, focusing on services to businesses, creating magazines, catalogs, brochures, advertising posters. The group want to become a benchmark for a creative space such as virtual worlds in 3D, through the Strategic Consulting, Custom solutions, looking to innovate for the future, to create a better world.



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