We can grow your ideas, make them travel to all

The knowledge and innovation are really great each one us. We must renew and believe in new technologies, using them well for the future of us all.

The communication is the basis of this century

The magazines are made of a system ibook future for digital publishing, we create a simple application tool for easy reference, full of links, and with ability to insert video. Multimedia tool of communication for everyone.

We have invested immediately in the desire to create something that will leave a mark in the future. We want to give a tangible sign to the community that they can all benefit for the common good.


Reach your audience

Imagine being able to transmit your advert to 100s of sims right across the Second Life grid; manage them from a single adserver that you rent just like a standard adboard.

Billboard magazine in virtual worlds

Within the virtual worlds in 3d we have in the area, billboards, real distrubutori of magazine that is updated every month with the release of the new issue.

Relationship with groups of friends

Over time, we were able to build a relationship with many groups, through social networks like facebook, twitter, flickr, google, etc. .. move messages, images, continue every day to keep alive the discussion with the communities..


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